Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Professionalism Training Package


Professionalism Training Package

Tuition:  $175
Courses included in this package:

      1. Conflict Resolution for Adults (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
      2. Professional Practices (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
      3. Stress Management (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
      4. Early Childhood Programs for Multilingual Children (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
      5. Staffing Child Care Programs (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
      6. Effective Written Communication (.2 CEU/2 Hours)
      7. Sexual Harassment Awareness (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
      8. Anger Management for Adults (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
      9. Confidentiality (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
      10. Assessing Child Care Business Practices (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
      11. Assessing Child Care Programs (.2 CEU/2 Hours)
      12. Time Management (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
      13. Finding and Using Resources on the Internet (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
      14. Workplace Communication (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
      15. Managing Your Child Care Business (.3 CEU/3 Hours)
      16. Early Childhood Program Accreditation (.3 CEU/3 Hours)
      17. Introduction to Computer Technology (.1 CEU/1 Hour)
      18. Ethics and Ethical Behavior (.2 CEU/2 Hours)
      25 hours (2.5 CEU)

              10 hours Washington STARS

              CEU courses provided by Successful Solutions Professional Development LLC are offered in partnership with Smart Horizons, and  can be applied toward the educational requirements of a National CDA Credential or CDA Renewal as required by the Council for Professional Recognition.

              Successful Solutions Training in Child Development

              Washington Department of Early Learning MERIT Registered Training Organization

              www.cdatraining.org *  Tel: (360) 602-0960  *  E-mail: info@starstraining.org

              Successful Solutions is a leading online National training organization, offering the most comprehensive student support available in a web based learning environment. Online CDA Training, CDA Renewal Training, CEU Courses, HIV/AIDS & Bloodborne Pathogens, Washington STARS, Foster Care & Parenting Courses, Florida Director Credential Renewal Training, IdahoSTARS, Oregon Core Body of Knowledge
              • We have Master Trainers on staff and offer Smart Horizons courses!!
              • Student support 7 days a week, including holidays!
              • Here at Successful Solutions, we have the very best student support staff! Not only are we the kindest, most helpful ladies around, we are available when you need us. 
              And don't worry if it's a holiday, we are probably here!
              * (Pacific Time) Monday-Friday 6:30 am – 9 pm AND Saturday-Sunday 8 am – 9 pm.
              * (East Coast Time)  Monday-Friday 9:30 am - Midnight AND Saturday-Sunday 11 am - Midnight.

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